WEST 1 UK Private Limited

At WEST 1 UK private Limited, progression of knowledge, stimulating people and altering the future is at the heart of what we do. Our partnership with Universities in the UK is key to this.

We take pride in steering we provide our students to accomplish their academic goals and aspirations for a vivid future. The Team of WEST 1 UK Private Limited is fully geared to assist you to identify your passion and will present you with the suitable pathways available for your education advancement.

Going abroad for higher studies is a life changing decision and we work with your best interests at heart to provide convenience and guidance to students and their parents. Come, spread your wings and win the world. Find out how, together, we achieve great things.


” Welcome to West 1 UK Private Limited. People from all walks of life have been visiting us for over a decade and we are delighted that via this website you are joining that long tradition. West 1 UK Private Limited is a leader in student placement pathways for the UK and works in partnership with numerous recognized and established Universities and Colleges. Our aim is to remain at the forefront of centers in offering customized student services in Sri Lanka.
West 1 UK Private Limited’s remarkable appeal continues to grow. Our student succession rate continues to grow who have been placed in the many Universities and Colleges we represent in the UK.

But it is not just durability and placements that mark West 1 UK Private Limited out and give the establishment its special character. “

Our Ethos:

We At WEST 1 UK Private Limited Seek To Provide Our Students To:
Identify Their Passion
Choose The Correct Pathway
Accomplish Their Academic Goals
Gain Essential Life Skills Thus Becoming A Professional In Their Chosen Field

Our Approach

Our approach is interconnected with our Ethos. WEST 1 UK Private Limited endows a diversified variety of supports and solutions absolutely free of charge. We ensure to provide the correct guidance to our students to choose their academic paths and careers according to their talents and skills and then selecting the best possible institution for their higher and further education. We ensure that all student applications are handled efficiently and all correspondence with foreign institutions are conducted in an ethical and timely manner.

Our expertise in preparing Visa documentation, too, is widely acknowledged by our students and is underscored by our high rate of Visa approvals. In addition, we also provide information on study programs, which would enable students to obtain exemptions for subjects, which subsequently save millions of rupees and valuable time.

Our Commitment

We take our responsibilities seriously. At WEST 1 UK Private Limited we know that without risk there’s no innovation. We are committed to empowering and enabling our students to realize their full potential in their path of study. We never compromise on the delivery of our services.

Our Support Services

The Support Services offers students assistance to reach their education goals. We are dedicated to a shared approach to student development and work with the Universities and Colleges to provide suitable guidance over issues of academic progress, career direction, student policy and conduct, and the transfer process.


Our primary objective is to uphold a pro-student approach with the ultimate goal of student maintenance. The mechanisms of the retention program include student satisfaction, parent satisfaction, academic progress and financial responsibility.

Going That Extra Mile

  • Parental Advice And Guidance
  • Educating Students About The Life In The UK
  • Arranging Accommodation If Required Either At The University Or Privately
  • Meeting The English Language Requirement Through Coaching Sessions
  • Advice Students On Employment Opportunities In The UK
  • Ensure Full Support And Additional Guidance If Required On Completion Of The Program

Visa Application And Filling

  • Professional Step By Step Guidance On Student Visa Applications
  • Ensuring Proper Financial Maintenance And Requirements
  • Assistance For Online Visa Application Process
  • Provide Visa Guidance For Parents/Spouse Joining The Students

Application Procedure

  • Process Applications Directly With The University Or Through UCAS If Required
  • Advice On All Required Documents To Gain Admission
  • Advising Students On Institutions Payments To Obtain Visa Letters
  • Assist To Gain Exemptions/Advance Entry With Present Qualifications
  • Inform Students Of Scholarship Opportunities Offered From Institutions
  • Inform Students Of Spot Admission Interview Sessions By UK University Representatives.

University / College Selection

  • Inform Students On Institutions Its Location / Facilities Offered / Areas Of Study / Its Recognition
  • Provide Details Of Previous & Existing Students In The UK To Gain Support And Share Experience
  • Intern Students Of Academic Pathways Offered Through Institutions

Program Choice

  • Provide Accurate Information On The Available Study Courses
  • Advice On Entry Requirements (Foundation/Undergraduate/ Postgraduate/Diploma)
  • Assist Students In Selecting The Course Of Study Suitable To Achieve Their Academic Goals
  • Offering Advance Entry To Students With Professional Qualifications