Life In UK

UK offers a diverse multi-ethnic and electrifying lifestyle that blends effortlessly with history, culture, commerce and business-making it the ideal destination for students to maximize their educational experience while immersing themselves in the multitude of exciting and recreational pursuits available. The international student community is a part of this rich culture which you will encounter people from many backgrounds, cultures and beliefs.

London is one of the finest cities in the world. As the capital of the United Kingdom, it is a dynamic multicultural playground that engages students on all levels – academically, socially and professionally. Students from all corners of the globe, from all pathways converge here to enjoy a truly fulfilling experience which can only add finesse to their individual growth and prosperity


If you are seeking a career in international business, trade and finance then London is the ideal location to begin your journey. The British capital is home to many of Europe’s top 500 companies, including the FTSE, London’s Stock Exchange, as well as the headquarters of many of the world’s leading corporate companies.


The shopping experience in London is like no other, from flagship department stores such as Selfridges and Top Shop to Harrods on Knightsbridge and the exclusive designer boutiques of Sloan Street and Chelsea, London has it all!


London nightlife is a vibrant and thriving empire of clubs, bars, lounges and of course pubs. Enjoy a glass of wine in the West End before hitting the theatre, a pint in your local pub before heading down to Soho, or a martini after work with the girls, there is something for all tastes.


With the stress of finals or if you’re looking for a change of atmosphere, it’s worth taking a stroll through some of the beautiful open spaces such as Hyde Park which is full of lakes, fountains and memorials, Royal Parks including St James Park, Green Park in front of Buckingham Palace and Regents Park and become enchanted by their beauty and the unique views of London they have to offer.


London is the capital of food! You can find anything and everything due to its multi-ethnicity and huge varieties of ethnic cuisine. From the local Fish and Chips or Bangers and Mash (Sausages and Mashed Potatoes) to Chinese, Indian, Sri Lankan and Vietnamese delights, you can tantalize your taste buds from every corner of the globe.


With, the Channel Tunnel and a major railway station in every district, London gives you the opportunity to explore all the delights of the UK and Europe. The Tube, London’s underground also gives you the perfect way to discover and enjoy everything this vast metropolis has to offer.


Famous for its tourist attractions, London is a sightseers dream. Places like Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, The Houses of Parliament and the Tower of London are visited not only by tourists but locals who have a passion for history, art and culture.


London offers some of the best theatre in the world, in the famous theatre district of the West End. From timeless musicals such as the Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty’s Theatre and Les Miserables at the Queens Theatre to contemporary cutting-edge plays such as Love at the Royal Court Theatre.

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